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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco planning commission regular meeting for thursday july 10th. 2014. i'd like to remind members of the audience the advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices. and when speaking before the commission speak directly into the and if the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll arrest commissioner president wu. commissioner antonini. commissioner borden. commissioner moore.
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commissioner sugaya. and commissioner fong and commissioner hillis are expected to be absent. commissioners, first on your calendar is the consideration for items for continuance. item one case at 320th century fremont street a request for a downtown conversation is continued for july '47 you'll consider the ac da will consider the continuance for this variance. item 2 the administrative code amending the short term for the residential establishing fees is proposed for august 7, 2014, although an indefinitely continuance is printed on our agenda we've received a request from supervisor campos so far
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item 14 for continuance at 490 south van ness avenue a request are for the large project authorization the project sponsor is in agreement but requests an earlier date in addition we've received a request for continuance for the case at 151 to 53 liberate street submitted and the dr requester it's our understanding the requester is opposed you can take up the item. and lastly a continuance for items 16 abc and 8012 d d at 437
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duncan street discretionary rectifies to jill 24, 2014 there's a mandatory discretionary review last is an discretionary review as the dr consider is opposed to the request you may take up this issue now i believe the dr requester is here. i do have speaker cards >> okay. let's take public comment just to remind the public your comments should be limited to the continuance alone as i call your name line up on the door side of the room (calling names).
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>> hold on one second make sure the mike is on. >> hello. >> thank you. >> hi good afternoon. i'm carolyn i'm a protective aid to supervisor campos. i wanted to say that because of concerns from the neighborhoods including marshall elementary school and the project coalition somas has asked for a continuance of the item 14 the supervisor has arnold agreed and
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we're requesting a continuance until august many community members feel they've not been aware of the project if the mrargs sees it's fit to hold this in september, however, we'll be willing to have it on august 15th the day that the project sponsor has requested. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. please. >> i'm david thomas i'm here regarding the planning code for short time rentals i'm a landlord hydrathat happens to have a tenant that pays room only because he sub let's rooms in the back - >> excuse me. we're speaking whether or not you want the item to be continued or not continued.
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>> i'm sorry, i it was to speak on the substance it doorstep if it is continued or not i was misinformed sorry. >> go ahead other microphone. >> i'm marshall in my maim was called i'm here to talk about home sharing i'm not sure this is right. >> there's a request to continue the short rentals until august so public comment should be about whether or not you seek to are agree to have the continuance. >> well obviously i'd rather speak now but continuance is fine thank you. >> thank you.
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is there is there any additional public comment >> hi doug on item 2 sorry wrong mike. when can we expect the staff report open the short time rental ordinance is it public now? >> no, i mean it comes out typically a week before the commission meeting. >> oh, open the matter of controversy we're going to be able to respond to the staff recommendation? >> your comments should be to the matter of continuance. >> i don't have a problem with continuance we know it's controversial in the city we want to know what the planning department recommendations will be. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i believe staff can be
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available but during public comment it's not about that. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioner president wu u commissioner president wu and commissioners phil speaking on the 420 van ness you can see from the case no. this has been moving through the process since 2010 and us i it's been a lot of community outreach we are that surprised learning on monday the supervisor wants a continuance we've agreed to august 1, '40 he know it's a huge agenda also moving to august 14th works for us thank you very much. thank you >> thank you. next speaker,
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please. >> hi, i'm ross cohn i was just called i want to speak in support of the continuance of home sharing the home sharing tauveng it's important it gets discussed in a timely manner and it's important that the planning commission work with our board of supervisors in a timely manner to get it issue out in the open. i have rented a portion of my home and would 0 like to do that in the future it's important to keep my family in the city and costs are piling up we need the extra income we've enjoyed meeting people around the world without this income it's difficult to stay in the city. the board of supervisors has pending legislation when i think that handles a lot of the issues that have come up around safety
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security and the character of the communities and it's important that the planning commission get behind that. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon david silverman item 14 van ness. i want to echo phil lessors commits he's handled extensive public outreach over the years that this project was going through the planning process i want to trespassing express our appreciation to supervisor campos and his staff on being flexibility and agreeing to an august date. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners with rubbing better and rose for duncan item
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16 on our calendar we're requesting a continuance today first it's become clearing clear there's interest in providing additional rendering and information regarding the front facade we need time to prepare that and the second is analytical became clear on tuesday we sent the mailing out for this hearing but didn't post at the site that was a complete oversight on my part i apologize as a result we're requesting that it be continued to july 24th so i'm here if you have any additional questions and thank you. thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker,
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please. >> commissioner president wu and members of the knicks commissioners i'm here in opposition to the continuance motion for 437 duncan warrior we've had nearly two years to get ready and everything should be ready to go today. many people from noah valley 20 have taken time off and not being paid and many have had to find carr for their kids we think putting this on a future japd is not optimal and we prefer to move forward today >> thank you. next speaker. >> commissioners i'm john on duncan street i'm the dr requester i'm in opposition to the continuance we have
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neighbors in opposition to the project proposal. we have canvassed the neighborhoods at least 7 or 8 blocks worthy i'm handing out 4 hundred flyers and dozens of petitioner's opposing the project the project is very well known, and, secondly, i mean, i'll spent dozens of hours based on the project sponsors plan set including the most recently plan set provided in the packet that illustrates inaccurately when the presence of the penthouse on the top of the building and how it negatively impacts the front and the lateral views other things are not in dispute and i would several ask since we've
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got people here that the matter be heard today. thank you >> at this time let me ask the director it was stated that the posting was not properly posted soy building there's a legal matter in front of us. >> if there was indeed not a posting on site then the commission it is of the not appropriately post and the commission can't conduct a hearing it has to be physically posted on site. >> and is the - it's the project sponsor responsibility to post on the site. >> that's correct. >> okay. do you have a question? okay. so to the public it sounds like we're legally unable
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to hear item 16 today. i think it's difficult it's the project sponsors responsibility to post on the site but the dr requester who asked for the hearing that's where i see the legal problem >> can i speak please. please we'll continue public comment. >> i'm georgia i'm here about the mandatory dr i don't know if that makes a difference by the sign ways up about the 311 report i mean we've not talked about nothing else i'm not here necessarily about the public dr i'm here about the mandatory dr i don't know if that makes a difference and the regard to the change of the facade why
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wouldn't we get it earlier before a couple of hours so thank you. >> okay. let's continue public comment but keep our comments to the matter. >> commissioners i don't want to wait our time i understand this is a legal issue i'm one of the people who left three children behind and the fact that the pvrn didn't post and it's not inadequately perpetrate his packets i don't know if you'll hear it my husband spent the time and we are here to voice our opposition to the project and we hope you'll consider that at a later time. >> thank you he. >> next speaker. >> i'm meredith i have a point of clarification i want to ask in regards to a mandatory dr i
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believe it is in reference to the demolition that's not in the request today. >> we'll continue to took public comment and we'll discuss that after public comment is closed. >> thank you. >> my name is christopher baker i live on 28 street i am speaking against the continuance of item 16 i took a day off of work less than 4548 hours ago no issue w was posted or any documents there are 30 people were there to talk about it i'd like to prude. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon madam president and members of the community i'm a resident on duncan street and a native of noah valley i've spent most of my life in there and 31 years with the police department i understand the legality issues i'm concerned with the amount of outreach and the law firm they've hired it's a travesty in regards to the community time and the efforts to come forward and to find out there was a technical lack of procedural, you know, followed by the sponsor it's disconcerting i'd like to speak in opposition to the continuance. >> thank you. next speaker. good afternoon. i'm kevin i'm a homeowner in the sunset district
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here to speak in support it's very, very important to san francisco i'm a thirty year resident of the sunset it's a big opportunity for san francisco to be a leader in terms of innovating new ways of doing thing question are is a guesthouse for your in-laws that invest 3 months at that time the rest of the year it is a waste to have a vacant room it could be a place for people to stay whether or not their short term or long term. >> thank you. next speaker. >> again and again good morning. i'm john jordan i'm a 55 year resident of you city of san francisco born and raised love this town i'm employed by this town. i've taken time off to voiced my
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disapproval the continuance. two years ago we meet with the developer and contractor and a few others and we all everyone that was present all were in disagreement of the property project we all now it seems like the conversation is terrible there's no just like my neighbor chris spoke that's the first time i've seen them in two years and said what was my position it hadn't changed in two years. i hope you'll listen to our request and move forward >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm laura gus man, i am with the local
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homeowners and i'm here to support the matter on van ness. i want to note for the record with the resource center we're latino we're near the proposed site and neither has the mission health center that is our mother who has been on the corner of south van ness and 167 for 6 seven years we're concerned about the planning department continuing to support and voting for a meeting when there's no appropriate conversation with the community they can say they've culminated with the community but we've not been communicated i've spoken with commissioner and we have a 14 hundred homeless people in the 16th street area and hundred of first names important homeless we need to prioritize affordable
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housing before we pass any other condos in our neighborhood >> thank you. as a reminder place keep our comments to the matter of continuance. >> next speaker good afternoon. i'm tommy with the housing rights committee. i'm speaking to the matter of 490 van ness we're in support of a continuance until september 11th the main reason the housing committee is located in the same block we're within 3 hundred feet from the site and we were never, ever every notified we knew nothing about the april 23rd community meeting until yesterday that's when we find out we've to 40 not been contacted around this project. i'm also part of the plaza 16
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coalition when is coming around the 16 and mission project we won't address that and yesterday at our meeting we brought up our 490 project and nobody in the room within the mission no one had been contacted by developer about this project we're talking about people that are imitating involved in all kinds of things in the mission and as laura said the community has not on cracked we're alarmed to hear this is going forward they have an obligation to be talking to us. and they certainly should be talking to us another some point i imburglar you a continuance we need more time all the groups
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involving we're asking for a continuance until september 11th >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm from the housing rights committee i support the van ness continuance. i walk by that place everyday and we - i just harder about it today so i support of the continuance until september 11th >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm ray on behalf of jonathan the dr requester has filed it was to the council and have been diligently working with the project sponsor to document a need for the
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intrefrnl we received the comments from the written agreement we understand the project sponsor is against a continuance but again, we're very close to a written filmmaker that would need the dr we'll agreed in principle to a number of items that addresses the concerns so thank you. >> commissioner president wu. >> i didn't hear what project this gentleman said. >> item number 15. >> good afternoon. i'm dana resident of the outsider richard i support the continuance of item 2 regarding short term residential rentals. thank you >> thank you. >> my name is jan, i live near delores park i'm here to speak
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about item 2 i favor continuance. >> thank you. >> hello, i'm bryan the director of the aids housing alliances my voice is shaking by the serial e verdict was before me and this is the first time i've seen her. she took away so many things thirty gay men diodes died in the home we take care of them, they were buried in the backyard i was going to be buried and she never took occupancy of the home but i'm here to speak in support of continuance the community is being destroyed by jan new field and other speculator that are displacing long-term resident people that built the community they've preventing off the heart
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and soul that we put into our communities. we need more time to properly organize and have a conversation with the vendors and try to come to some kind of peace and dirty tricks and not omni bus the rules and kicking people with aids out off their homes is we need our support to stop this displacement thank you. thank you. next speake thank you. next speaker. >> i am a fourth generation san franciscan. my son and i raise guests in our home i'm in in favor of item
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number 2 continuance >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon board. members i'm the project sponsor for 490 south van ness we find it appalling we've been in the process since 2010 we've had two notification meetings we've sent out the 3 hundred road us map i have showing over 40 neighborhood groups that were notified of each meeting those groups that showed up today i don't know where they were in the past but if they have been linked in with what's been going on we've been giving public note a photograph of our notice the president of the united states hates been on site for the last thirty days we've worked
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intensively with planning and the site is closed for over 5 years there's nobody being displaced its not safe for kids and the neighborhood. we have having grants and graffiti and vandalism in the area since 2010 we'll fit us in our august 14th hearing thank you. thank you. next speaker. . >> good afternoon. i'm sharon a homeowner in west portal. i'm here in support of you working with the supervisors to work out a situation for home sharing. i've been in my home for 17
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years i'm widowed it's quite a bit of business into our west portal shops and restaurants >> is there any additional public comment. okay seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> thank you, my thoughts on some of the requests the first is item 2 i've heard everyone in favor of the continuance until august 7th that's an easy one. on duncan item 16 do we have a decision whether noticeing >> it's mined that the post was not on site to clarify the process that the department provides the project sponsor with the physical poster and